How to be productive

How to be productive

Productivity is a way to measure efficient. In an economic context. Productivity is how to measure the output that comes from units of input.

What is productivity in our daily lives, how do we calculate it ?

So, Productivity is getting the results you want with less time and effort.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”. Paul. J. Meyer

How to be productive with focused effort.

1.) Get up earlier

Are you looking for an opportunity to ‘cram’ some extra productive working hours into your working day? Then look especially in the direction of working hours in which you will not be disturbed.

I get up at 5:30 am every working day to get up early. I start with cleaning, cooking and at last bathing and  dressing up for work. I make sure I arrive at work 7:00am

Before the working day ‘really’ starts at 8:10 as a teacher, I am usually almost done with the most important task of the day .

You may ask, how is that possible?

Well, I have a written plan of how my class will be.

This way I have one hour to work on the development of my lesson, teaching method to use, class activities, assignment, project, learning process of my students and also not forgetting fun in the class.

Great right?

It’s hard to get into a new habit out of nowhere. But getting up early is one of the best habits to start in the morning. Start with half an hour and once you get used to it, make it an hour. You take steps of 30 minutes until you reach 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.

2.) Leave your phone in the morning.

Don’t waste time on social media, leave your email for later in the day and wait until lunch to check your favorite websites.

Instead: Walk to the restroom, drink a glass of water, and wash your face.

Sounds simple right?

And for that reason, I can more easily leave my phone, which makes me extra productive in the morning.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, give it a try yourself. You will not regret it.

3.) Get plenty of exercise

I rarely sit down all day. Every day, there are assignment to mark, project to correct and discuss, class to teach and manage.

A large number of office workers spend almost the entire day at their desks. That in itself is not a problem, but it goes without saying that your blood must also continue to flow. Incorporating the necessary amount of exercise into your schedule is an absolute must in this area. You don’t have to look that far at all. I exercise daily between 5:30 to 6:00 am in the morning to make my body flexible.

Exercise not only keeps you mentally fit, but also physically. Quite important if you sit at a desk all day. If you are not used to it, an hour of exercise every day can be quite a lot. Are you not used to it, or not such a sports type? Then take a walk of half an hour or an hour.

Think simple. Do you have a dog? Then go for a walk of half an hour every day. This way you have some exercise and you do your four-legged friend a lot of fun with it.

Physical exercise is not only important for your physical attitude, it also creates an important added value on a psychological level. As more blood flows to your brain, it is much easier to concentrate on your work .

Do you want to get the maximum potential from a workout? Then exercise early in the morning just like me. In this way you are motivated to face the rest of the working day and the positive effects of sports have an effect during your working hours.

4.) Get rid of negative work habits

A self-employed company depends on one person. You work alone and have a limited number of hours available.

If you a gainfully employed, you need to be productive with good working habits.

Don’t work harder, work smarter.

Productivity is the king of smart working.

But being productive is difficult. Everyone sometimes has tasks that are less fun. Or nagging customers, special learners, difficult boss, or making a project that was so fun in the beginning is a terrible thing to complete.

We have to deal with excuses and procrastination. Apologies are the ultimate productivity killer. And it’s so easy to come up with an excuse to postpone a task. ‘I have too much on my plate now, I will finish this project later’. ‘I am still waiting for a response from a customer, so I cannot continue with this project’. Or ‘I don’t know if this child will learn’. ‘ my class is full of slow learners, I don’t even know what to do’. ‘ I will just leave this child and give him Mark’. ‘ I cannot kill myself’.

Surprise. We are all busy. So stop making excuses, but keep going. Real productive people don’t complain… they get the job done. The sooner you finish it, the sooner you get rid of it. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ to do a task, because the perfect time doesn’t exist.

Step out of your comfort zone, adopt a proactive working attitude and tackle the less enjoyable activities immediately. This is the only way to take your personal business or the company you work for to the next level.

5.) Make a to-do list for the next day

Daily planning is necessary. As a writer and a teacher, I  love writing what I have to achieve that every day.

I take priority into account when drawing up the planning or to-do list. Tasks that are the most important or have the shortest deadline are placed at the top. Are there suddenly some new, good ideas for me. Then I don’t hesitate to write it down on the list. This way I can pay extra attention to it at a later date.

But don’t make your list too long . Per day I put a maximum of two tasks with priority on my to-do list. By keeping that number limited, I am sure I can complete those two tasks. For example, my task may be to use different teaching method for the special learners in my class, that will be tasky. I must also include the other learners as well. And also I  incorporate daily writing in my list to make sure WRITING INK is still flowing.

If you make too large a to-do list, you simply cannot complete all tasks on the same day.

And if you can’t complete all tasks, it usually doesn’t matter whether you leave 1 or 4 tasks behind. The problem is that you will postpone tasks and lose the overview. Let that be exactly what you want to prevent by making a to-do list.

Make sure you always, every day, complete tasks with priority. Then a day has passed for you. The other smaller tasks that you have on the list you do after completing the most important tasks, but they are subordinate to them.

6.) Shift the focus from hours to goals

‘No I’m too busy’.

We all know someone who never comes to birthdays or parties because they are too busy.

The longer you work on something doesn’t mean it gets better the more time you spend on it. There is nothing like too much or too little to work. There is only ‘enough work’. You work as much as necessary and you define what you can do in a certain time.

It’s about achieving your goals in a productive way.

When a certain project has to be included in your schedule, try to determine approximately how much time will go into the project.

When given a certain deadline for the project in question and eventually more time than expected is spent on the assignment,  do not think that an issue. Make up your mind to  complete the project on time to satisfy the customer. What difference does it make that it might take several hours extra? At most it will affect the return that you can achieve with the assignment.

The reverse also applies to the example above.

Did you initially expect to need eight hours to complete a project, but it turns out that two hours are enough? Then why stretch it longer than is strictly necessary?

Also remember in this area that a shorter delivery period than the predetermined will only be appreciated by your clients.

7.) Taking a productivity break in time

Does being productive mean that you have to work intensively for an entire working day at a time?

Absolutely not.

As soon as you have completed a particular assignment, take a short break. Just like you finish a task from my to-do list.

By a break I don’t mean that check your social media or watch videos. Always make sure that you keep working during these ‘breaks’ . Fill your breaks with less important and less intensive tasks. Keep a list of less important tasks that you can do in between. The small tasks in your breaks don’t necessarily have to be business related. If you are working from home, you can also tidy your workspace, clean out the dishwasher or mow the lawn during breaks.

It is important that you use your time more effectively. Take breaks, but spend your breaks productively.

8.) Make use of additional motivational habits

To avoid stress without affecting your productivity, you have to decide for yourself which things can give you that extra push.

This can be different for everyone, motivational habits that work really well for me are:

Rotate playlists with your favorite music

Music is indispensable for me. My Bluetooth music is always on my neck.

Music boosts me and keeps me productive.

On days when you feel less productive, place a timer on your desk. Determine how much time you would normally need to complete a particular task and set the timer just a bit shorter. Then try to finish the project before the timer goes off. You will be shocked at what a huge boost this simple trick can give your productivity.

9.) Alternate between different projects

It often happens that during a busy working day when working on a certain project,  you don’t feel like it anymore.

If you have been on it for quite a few hours, the temptation is to throw in the towel and call it a day.

If I run into an obstacle and don’t see it anymore, I just pick up another project.

A project that I enjoy and that gives me energy.

This way I keep making progress and I can finish the first project at a later date with renewed courage.

10.) Take back your time

If you are self-employed person, you can determine better than anyone how much time you need not only to keep your company running, but also to further expand or improve it.

If you are a full-time self-employed person, your life depends on it.

The success of your company stands or falls with your productivity.

Self-employed or working for someone, you can take back control yourself and be aware of the potential and productivity of your business or the company you work for.

Try out new techniques. Make the successful techniques long-term habits.

Really take your time back into your own hands, increase your productivity and increase your energy level and you get time available that you didn’t even know you had.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. Walt Disney

The way to get a result is by DOING.

To a productive and bright future.


HepziMor ❤️💡

Odusanya Damilola

What are you most afraid of?

Facing your fear

What are you most afraid of?

Fear is a basic human emotion caused by the realization of a real or fictional danger or threat. It is a protective mechanism, a normal defense reaction of the body without the need for conscious thought.

What you are afraid of can show who you are and what you have been through. Your fears and the way you deal with them are part of your identity. Some fears include fear of height, fear of failure, failure of some animals, fear of making regretable mistake, fear of people etc.There are also our fears, such as the fear of approach and the fear of exposure.

But when fear continues to exist, while there is no real danger in situations of excessive stress, then it turns into phobia and becomes an obstacle to the normal treatment of the individual’s daily life. Phobia is a persistent and irrational fear of a particular object or situation, which results in the desire to avoid that object which in fact is not a great source of danger.

How do you face your fear?
Facing your own fear is an attitude you must learn.
“ The fear you are feeling is your indicator that you cannot, right now, let what you want in. As long as you continue to think the thoughts that are causing the fear, the things you want cannot show up in your life. You’ve got to accomplish the feeling first ”. – Abraham Hicks

“The fear you feel is the sign that, at the moment, you cannot allow what you wish. As long as you keep thinking the thoughts that are causing the fear, the things you desire cannot appear in your life. You need to address your gut first ”- Abraham Hicks

As Abraham says, the fear will EXIST as long as you continue to have the same thoughts and feelings about the subject that you fear. Out of fear you stay within your own familiar circle and do not give new things a chance. That’s fine, but it does keep your world and your growth opportunities small. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing up to now, you’ll keep getting the same results.

If you want to see something change, you will have to change something.
It is / can be that simple.
FEAR stands for False Expectation Appearing Real (False Evidence Appearing Real). You have a certain expectation which is based on the life experience you have gained so far. You have been through certain things that are now making you anxious.

For example, you have had these experiences when you were little (for example, you fell off your tricycle) and you have not yet processed that fear. Now you are older and that fear has stuck in your energy system (so that the fear of falling off your tricycle has increased to not daring to drive a car, to cite an example).

As a child you were shocked by a big barking dog, maybe even bitten, and as an adult you are still afraid of dogs.I have it too! I almost got bitten by an angry dog for so long and it has imprint fear of dogs on my mind, but when I see other animals like chicken, cats on the street at night or during the day, I get a different kind of feeling than when am on the street with dogs. While I know it makes no sense. Apparently I have learned it, it is in my way of looking at dogs.

You are now an adult but you still let your current life be guided by a pattern that you acquired as a child / youth.

And that is, in my opinion, unfortunate and unnecessary. You can heal your emotions and start living a life that is emotionally appropriate for your age. Free from painful childhood experience.

Another way to get rid of your fear yourself is, while thinking about what you fear, to hold the index finger of the other with one hand until you feel your heartbeat in the index finger. Tapping is also a great way.

There are many roads that lead to Rome. You just have to find the way that suits you.

Doing nothing is to nurture and hold on to your fear. Doing something gives room for a solution and gives the opportunity to clear up your fear.

For me personally, the challenge is to go to the fear, instead of running away from it.

RECOGNIZE that I feel fear. To let the fear be for what it is.

To examine my thoughts.

What do i think?

Is that true?

Is it really true?

Could I think otherwise?

What if I overcome my fear?

Am I growing?

Another thing is that I think fear is nothing more than being separated from God / The Source.

When you reconnect to Source, your fear will also dissolve.

Then you can check:
How is your fear going?

Do you still have fear somewhere?

Do you want to keep that fear?

How and when do you tackle your fear?

I wish you a life of confidence and security, free from the limiting thoughts of fear!

HepziMor ❤️💡
Odusanya Damilola

Ebook or Hardcover

Ebook or Hardcover

Ebook or Hardcover, which one would you prefer?

Ebook is short for electronic book. It is a book that cannot be edited but can be modified. Ebook is converted to digital format to be read on any digital devices such as computer screen, or mobile devices.

Hardcover is a book bound with rigid protective cover. Hardcover book has high quality, real volume and weight due to thickness of the binding. The book gives great feeling and smell of good quality material.

In this digital age, it is easier to opt for ebook because of it has more advantages over hardcover. Any book you decide to read, you decide the form you want. Ebook or hardcover, you will be reading the same ideas in the book.

Why would I prefer Ebook, If am asked.
I would prefer Ebook for many reasons
It is readily available, with my phone I can read anywhere, anytime.
Size of text can be adjusted.
Space, there will be no need to create space for the storage of books.
There is easy access to the book any day.
It is easily transferable. It can be transfer from one person to another in different location
It is very cheap unlike hardcover.
It is very cheap to carry about unlike hardcover that needs library or bookstore.

Technically, Ebook is most preferable. The world is moving towards globalisation, so is everything in the world. There is need for environmental protection. Hardcover add to the waste in most incinerator, and in a society where there is high rate of environmental pollution and flood. There is need to invest more in technology.
Space for library can be converted into useful building. Information in Ebook will forever be available unlike the hardcover that can be discard due to lack of space.

Read, Read and Read both Ebook and Hardcover

HepziMor ❤️💡

Thought of reading in 21st Century

The Thought of reading in the 21st Century

Readers are leaders!

Am sure you have heard that phrase before?

Reading is an act that involves the mind, eyes and the brain. Reading includes assimilation and understanding of  written ideas.

Reading means different things to different people, to some they read for fun, some read for research in order to get information about an ideas or topic, others may read for information and enlightenment while students read for test and examination

Whatever reasons we have for reading, the common reason is that, Reading adds to our knowledge. The brain takes up new ideas, information or words when we read. It is easier to remember a word or an idea you are familiar with after reading about it somewhere. The brain is a storehouse of memory, it recalls everything stored for future use. It is just like the computer, garbage in garbage out.

Thought of reading is one thing, actually reading books is another thing. It is not enough to think of reading, instead start with a book. 

There are many things that may hinder book reading. These hindrances make it difficult to read.

Hindrances of book reading

  • Lengthy books
  • Poor fonts and styles of books
  • Carrying of hardcover
  • Frequent visits to social media
  • Laziness
  • Boring books.
  • Poor time management or lack of time.

According to  Margaret Atwood “A word after a word and after a word is power”. Reading and reading increases our knowledge, it makes us aware with fresh information and new ideas. Reading aids smooth and intelligent discussion of an ideas. It makes answer, ideas available in our brain on any issues.  

Ways to overcome reading hindrances.

Adopting new ideas or habits is extremely difficult but it is doable. Humans have the capability to adapt. It is possible to adapt to new changes.

  • Effective time management
  • Borrow more books than you can read
  • Read more than one book
  • Set a goal. Example 50 pages a day or 10 chapter a day
  • Read for pleasure and education
  • Practice speed reading. Not necessarily reading fast but finishing fast
  • Minimise the time use on social media for reading
  • Read in the morning and before going to bed
  • Join a book club or reading challenge.

Reading takes us to many part of the world through our mind and eyes.

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand”

See you tomorrow for another interesting topic on Ebook or Hardcover


HepziMor ❤️💡

Love and Light

Strength to love.

What do you feel with admiration and want to express at the same time?

What do you use when in darkness?

The answers to the above questions can found in my favourite quote for today. Love and Light.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that”  Martin Luther King Jr

Love is a feeling and also a deliberate action. There are different types and expression of love. 

Light is an illumination that makes vision clear. Light dispel difficulties.

There are different emotions as there are different things that happen in life on a daily basis. Interaction with other human develop feelings. Human are social being, hence the need to associate with themselves for survival. These association deepened the relationship of some and widen the gap between others. Feelings are build up in our minds due to our experience with People. Many be love and give love, others may receive hatred and some difficulties.

You may have developed hatred as a result of;

  • Envy and jealousy of what others have that you don’t
  • Humiliation and mistreatment from others
  • Hatred from parents or guardians
  • Feeling of being superior to others
  • Poor achievement or results
  • Thought that Life is unfair.
  • Difficult childhood

Darkness can occur at any stage, it can be in the following forms; 

  • Difficulty in getting admission into higher institution, 
  • Failure, 
  • Unemployment, 
  • Stagnant life,
  •  Lack of vision and mission for life etc
  • Negative feelings like hatred, envy etc
  • Ignorance

According to Martin Luther King Jr. 

Hatred can change to love. Choose to be deliberate when it comes to feelings. Decide to share positive feelings. It cost more to hate than love. Hatred can lead to other health and psychological issues. It is possible to love all human for the sake of your peace of mind. If there is something I love the most, IT IS MY PEACE OF MIND.

Light will drive out darkness, choose light always. Light can also be inform of enlightenment, improve yourself, be determined to be the best and believe you are the best. 

What you don’t know is bigger than you, but once you have knowledge, you have light.

Love should be your gift to every human every second.

Light should be a force from your mind that illuminate the world.

Keep spreading Love and Light


HepziMor ❤️💡

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year! Am glad you made it. Yeah!. Welcome super excited that 2021 is finally here.

You may be thinking, is it not the time to start again? To continue our hussle??

Well, You are right but we don’t necessarily need to start again. Instead we continue our journey into better days, better life. Am sure you have great ideas you want to implement, great goals you want to achieve.
2020 is gone and it should be gone with the bad vibes and negative energy.

The year 2021 is here and we are gonna determine how it should be. I was once told that “something that can’t talk cannot be wiser than you”. Very correct, 2021 can’t talk, we talk to it and act in it. So, we are in charge of 2021.

This is the time to set goals, plan and execute them and also have fun while winning. Focus, have fun and win every challenges and achievements with the right mindset because you win or lose any opportunity or battle first in the mind.

Am sure you brought the best with you into 2021. We meuuvvvvvvveee

Have fun reading and gaining insight from this blog, check here again for more interesting topics coming this January.
We win together

HepziMor ❤️💡

The End

What feels like the end is often the beginning. End is the conclusion of an idea, task, the year. The year 2020 ends today but the world has not. In fact the Earth is still in its space rotating and revolving to change to new days and years, bringing new challenges, opportunities and Blessings with it. With any challenges, there is an opportunity to challenge ourselves that we have the capability to deal with it.

We change as the world changes, there is need to keep up with the revolution in the world. December 2020 will wrap up in less than 9 hours but we will still be here to see a new year. A new year filled with new hope, desire, zeal for purpose and accomplishments.

A lots has happened in this year, the good, the bad and the ugly. In 2020  we made and are still making decisions, these decisions determine our actions, results and the reaction of people to our outcome. Review 2020, ponder on some of your choices,plans that work and the ones that did not, real friends that are ever supporting and the ones that are not, the wrong you did and the right one that makes you human, what you would have done but you didn’t do, the barriers or the values you placed on yourself, regrets, mistakes, achievement etc.

Review is for correction, change in pattern and adoption of new patterns. It will help to determine the excesses luggage to leave behind in 2020 and new wardrobe to bring into 2021. Determine your results before you begin the task, stay focus on purpose and run your own race.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. The year will end but we will be here with the power to decide because God’s greatest gift is CHOICE.

Have a blessed crossover. See you in 2021

Bring in the best with you.

HepziMor ❤️💡



Competence is a skill and also a state of mind. What you know how to do best. Remember best was once better from good. It is the WILL that vocalize the statement ” I CAN DO IT”
” The future belongs to the competent, get good, get better, be the best” Brian Tracy
Competence does not mean trying to prove a point. Competence means showcasing your ability with adequate deep knowledge. To be competent, you must be confident in what you know, not neglecting improvement and further knowledge. Keep learning, learn and learn more.

Be consistent in trying your skill, knowledge and accept your ability. Competence includes your ability, skill and knowledge. Competence and self development is a continuous process. While you enjoy the process of becoming competent, improvement is very paramount, developing skills becomes an attitude. Consistency kills procrastination. Consistency should be part of your attitude. Be deliberate, there are lots of things that want our attention, pay attention to what is important, It is not easy but when you try again and again, you will definitely not be in the previous state or stage.

Attitude is part of us. You may have some attitude that you do not know but when you display it, it can be a surprise. Develop positive attitude, attitude with deep knowledge will make you know the purpose of striving for competence. Don’t struggle to prove any point, be patient. Attitude can also be learnt, develop your confidence, be bold but not proud. The Earth is not a flat surface but a spherical object that moves round and round. You are on Earth, you should revolve and evolve. Learn new things always, and don’t be static.

To be competent, you need to face your fear. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. You can do it

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